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Instructional Design

Instructional Design UK provides a flexible and comprehensive approach to developing your people through eLearning, face to face workshops, or blended learning. We focus on developing solutions that deliver to the needs of your people and organisation.

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What do we do?

Specifically, we are experienced in:

Instructional Design

Designing and developing learning materials

Designing and building eLearning solutions

The technologies used for learning solutions

Creating Accredited Training Material

Liaising with TAFE and other RTOs on behalf of our clients

eLearning compliance solutions



Developing eLearning your staff will love

Our eLearning is visually engaging, interactive, and responsive to learners needs. We offer standard and optional inclusions that enable clients to customise their eLearning requirements.

Our rapid eLearning development approach provides a fast and simple solution to timing and budget restrictions.

Our fully accessible (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0) eLearning provides greater flexibility for screen reader users and keyboard-only users.


View eLearning Examples

Image showing eLearning on different screens


How do we work?

Using the ADDIE Model for Instructional Design

When working with clients on their Instructional Design needs, we follow the ADDIE Model:

  1. A is for Analyse. We look at the organisational learning needs and assess current capability.
  2. D is for Design. We design an engaging end-to-end learner experience that meets organisational objectives.
  3. D is for Develop. In this stage we are developing the materials to support the learner experience.
  4. I is for Implement. This is where we pilot the program.
  5. E is for Evaluate. This critical final stage is when we evaluate the success of the program against pre-determined measures.


Watch the video below to find out more about using the ADDIE Model for Instructional Design.



Creation of learning materials

We can develop a suite of learning materials relevant to client needs, including:

  • A high-level design, or a ‘strawman’ of the program
  • Graphics that visually demonstrate the learning journey
  • Guides or plans for Facilitators
  • Supporting PowerPoints, workbooks, infographics, and quick reference guides
  • Formal or informal assessments
  • Pre-work and post-program embedding actions
  • Support for Managers to assist their staff in transfer of learning and embedding of new skills and knowledge
  • eLearning and online learning
  • Multimedia such as videos, animations, and explainers.

Examples of different learning material


Who We Work With

Who do we work with?

Instructional Design can be used for any learning need in any industry. When first partnering with our clients to analyse learning needs and look at potential solutions, we take into consideration the habits, behaviours, and preferences of the modern learner.

Infographic showing what effective learning design looks like against modern learners needs

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Has COVID-19 changed the way your organisation or staff members work? Complete our ‘Introduction to Remote Working’ eLearning to understand how to easily transition to a more remote workforce.


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Contact Us

Instructional Design UK provides services to support workplace learning and change. With team members in Australia, we will enable your people to engage, learn and perform.

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