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Instructional Design PLUS Course


Master the end-to-end process of instructional design, drawing on the popular and industry-respected ADDIE model.

Our 12-week eLearning course, coupled with virtual coaching sessions, is crafted by seasoned experts in instructional design.

This program delivers crucial knowledge and hands-on tools and templates for honing exceptional learning design capabilities.

Create your portfolio, applying learning theories, instructional design principles, and innovative technologies.



Dive into the full spectrum of instructional design with our course, offering you about 10 hours of self-guided eLearning. What’s more, you get to put theory into practice with a project of your choosing, giving your learning journey a hands-on twist.

Our Instructional Design PLUS course is fully online, mixing engaging eLearning content with virtual coaching sessions for a comprehensive learning experience that fits neatly into your life. You’ll work on a real-world project, an ideal chance to build your portfolio or make a mark in your current role.

When you sign up, you unlock a year’s access to our rich eLearning materials, along with handy templates and guides for download (lifetime access under licenced terms). The package also includes three 90-minute sessions with our seasoned experts for tailored feedback on your project and a chance to ask any burning questions. And to celebrate your achievement, you’ll receive a certificate that showcases your newfound instructional design skills.

This program is ideal for…

  • Anyone starting their career in instructional design
  • Instructional designers who want to deepen their expertise
  • Teachers looking for a career change
  • Learning and development consultants
  • Higher education professionals
  • Facilitators and trainers designing learning
  • eLearning developers who want to broaden their skills

Learning outcomes

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

  1. Recognise adult learning principles that underpin effective instructional design.
  2. Conduct a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) to uncover capability gaps, using relevant tools.
  3. Write active learning outcomes, based on identified needs.
  4. Design impactful learning experiences for different modalities, in alignment with learning outcomes.
  5. Apply visual design principles to materials development for effective learning and engagement.
  6. Use practical tools and templates to bring the ADDIE process to life.
  7. Draw on key instructional design consulting skills to ensure relevancy and accuracy of learning solution.

Dive in with us!

6 reasons why…


Study at your own pace – when you want, where you want. Accelerate and fast-track your development or take your time – it’s up to you!


Step through the instructional design process to develop your very own program and learning materials to add to your portfolio.


Review the learning theories and design principles that underpin instructional design decisions. Develop key consulting skills to keep projects on track, work with stakeholders and achieve agreed outcomes.


Team up with one of our Senior Consultants. They will help you to harness your strengths and lift your capabilities. They will review your program at key stages to provide constructive, targeted and supportive feedback.


Use our Instructional Design Toolkit – a set of guides and templates to design, develop and evaluate your own learning programs.


Consider cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionising learning.


Why study instructional design?

Embrace the freedom of working remotely or as a digital nomad.

Enjoy flexible hours that fit your lifestyle.
Explore the versatility of freelancing or collaborating in a team.
Channel your creativity and problem-solving abilities into designing effective learning experiences.

Say goodbye to monotony – every project requires curiosity and new thinking.

Make a meaningful impact by helping others to learn and grow.
Constantly expand your knowledge and skills in a dynamic role.
Join a thriving industry, where your new skills are in demand!*

*21.7% projected job growth in 5 years (Seek, 2023)


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